Thumbln Help


Welcome, and thank you for trying in thumbln, the easiest way to get home safely!

With thumbln you'll be able to quickly ask your friends and family for a lift - it automates all requests and responses to get you quickly on your way.

Signing up

To use thumbln you need to sign up.

The easiest way is to sign up via Facebook. Once logged in, select Create Account, confirm settings, and you are ready to go.

Auto Login

Thumbln will try to log you in automatically when you start up the app (just give it a few seconds).

If it has trouble you will need to log in again, either by pressing the Facebook button or manually using an email address.

Screen Layout

The screen has a menu across the bottom separating out the common uses:

  • Create: This is where you go to ask for a lift or other service
  • Pending: This is where you will find all active requests
  • Favourites: For saved requests that you'd like to quickly repeat later
  • Recents: Completed requests appear here so you can rate, save or repeat
  • Settings: Account settings, friends, places and credits are managed here

Asking for a Lift

Select the Create tab to bring up the new request menu, then select Ask for a Lift.

Hint: If you have a request that you will repeat often, you can save it as a favourite.

This takes you to the form used to set up the particulars of the lift:

The Ask button lets you choose who you'd like to ask (see below).

From lets you choose where you would like to be picked up from, or defaults to wherever you are.

To lets you choose where you'd like to go.

Hint: In the settings tab you can create favourite places so you can choose them from the list when you need them, e.g. Home, Work, Gym, School, etc.

The optional message box lets people know something about the lift request.

When lets you set the time you need the lift, or defaults to ready now.

Please Pick Up refers to who you'd like picked up (in case you want to organise a lift for someone else), and How Many People need a lift.

Choosing Who To Ask

When clicking the Ask button you are presented with several choices:

  • Friends: Lets you select which of your friends to specifically ask for a lift
  • Groups: If you've set up groups (Settings tab), such as Family, Friends, School, etc, you can ask the whole group at a time.
  • Ask Nearby: Let's you choose to ask other friends that may happen to be in your area (or even their friends too).
  • Ask Nearby: Paid Services lets you also get responses from services such as taxis, chauffered vehicles, minibusses, dial-a-driver, etc.


Hint: For security, your location is not disclosed (only a rough distance and suburb is shown) until you accept someone's offer for a lift.

Hint: For privacy, unless you were asked specifically by someone for a lift, they will not be notified if you declined to help.

Selecting From and To

When clicking the From or To button you can choose from a Favourite Place (set this up in Places under Settings tab), searching for a location, or clicking-and-dragging the map pin.

Pending Lifts

Once you Send your request, thumbln will take care of sending out notifications to your friends.

When they respond, you will get a notification.

Clicking on the notification will take you to the Pending tab. If you have thumbln already open, you can just click on Pending yourself.

Hint: If the list is not up to date, pull down to refresh it.

You will see the requests you have active, including the ones you are waiting on responses.

Checking Responses

When you've clicked on a pending lift, you will see the responses.

You can click the right arrow to find out more details about the person, including ratings and comments by others.

You can click on the offer to accept it. Your friend will automatically be sent a response.

Lifts In Progress

Once your friend Starts the lift by pressing the button on the pending lift request, you will be able to track each other's location precisely, avoiding misunderstandings about pick up location or having to guess how far away they are.


From the Settings tab you can select:

  • Account Info: check your account details, change options or log out.
  • Friends: edit the friends you would give a lift to, or trust to give you a lift.
  • Groups: group together your friends so you can quickly ask a whole group for a lift (e.g. Family, Parents, School)
  • Places: set up favourite places that often come up (e.g. Work, Home, School, Shopping)
  • Buy Credits / Get Free Credits: see section below on Credits.



When you first create an account you are given some free Credits. Each lift uses up 1 credit.

If you run out, you can get more free Credits by taking simple actions such as reviewing the app, liking thumbln on Facebook, or posting about thumbln.

There is also some advertising based offers that give you free Credits.

If you prefer, you can buy Credits directly from thumbln via in-app purchases. Here you can also choose to remove the banner advertisements from thumbln.

These options are found in the Settings tab.