Application Development

Davtec, a well established software development company, has launched Professional Mobile Development services under the Boomtastic Apps banner.

With many years of software engineering experience in large corporate, communications and defence projects, our project managers and software engineers are well versed in the discipline of application development.

From our office in Adelaide, South Australia we are able to provide application development services worldwide.

Launching into the domain of mobile applications has come naturally to our engineers, as the technology challenges found in mobiles are precisely those in embedded real time systems that we are used to in the communication and defence domains! .... Just using smaller platforms!

Until now most clients have had to gain knowledge in-house in the developmment of 'one of' applications, or have had to put their trust in 'indy' style developers.

Now Boomtastic Apps offers clients a sound alternative - ensuring professionally managed, high quality applications with reasonable development times and costs.

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