Click on the videos below to find out how to use Thumbln.

Signing Up

When you first start Thumbln, you will need to create an account.

You can also log in via Facebook then create your account.

This video will show you how that works.

Adding Friends

To make requests or offer rides you first need to add friends you trust.

This includes family and colleagues who you normally travel with.

This video shows you the different ways to easily add friends.

Asking for a Lift

To ask for a lift you just need to pick who and let them know where you'd like to go.

This video shows you all the other different options you have for asking someone for a lift.

Arranging a Meeting

This video shows you how easy it is to request to meet a friend somewhere.

Pick Up Someone

Sometimes you are on your way somewhere and simply want to ask a friend if they'd like a lift (without waiting for them to ask you).

This shows you how.

How the Thumbln Lift Process Works!

This video will show you how our secure lift request process works by showing you what the requester and driver see on their phones.

How to Change Settings

This video shows you the many account settings, friends, groups and places options and how to change them.