Ubica Todo: Ayuda

Place Categories

You can see what places are nearby, or search for places by categories.

To see the list of categories, you can click anywhere on the compass rose [1], or slide up the menu [2] from the bottom of the screen.

You can click any category [3] to see those places sorted by distance.

You can search within that category by typing in a keyword and clicking on search [4].

Note: Search only accepts a single word and does not process wild cards.

To return to the list of categories, press the back [5] button.

Searching all categories

When you first open the categories menu you can search for a place in all categories [6] by typing in a keyword in the search field and pressing search.

Results are presented sorted by distance with closest places first.

Note: Search only accepts a single word and does not process wild cards.

Saving a location to My Places

The My Places category contains all locations that you have saved.

To save your current location you can click on the GoPlaces icon in the top right corner [7].

You can also click the "+" icon in the category list [8] to save your current location.

In the pop up dialog, enter the name of this location [10].

Renaming a location from My Places

Clicking the "i" icon [9] when a location is selected displays a dialog where you can enter a new name for your saved location.

Deleting a location from My Places

You can swipe right on a location in the My Places category to delete the location.

Place details

You can click on the "i" icon [9] to show more details of a place, such as the name and if available, phone number (or icon), map icon and website icon.

Clicking the phone icon [11] will enable you to call the place directly.

To come back to Go Places you will need to restart it manually.

Clicking the map icon [12] will show a map with a route from your current location to the selected place.

Clicking the website icon [13] will show the website associated with the selected place.

Sensor status

Clicking on the sensor icon [14] displays the state of the GPS and Compass sensors on the phone.

Typically the GPS locks in to your location quicker if you have access to the internet, and if you are in unobstructed view of the sky (directly visible to overhead satellites covering your region).

Also the Compass may take time to get an accurate bearing. Moving the phone in figure 8 motion and away from metallic objects can improve the performance of the Compass.

Imperial or Metric Distances

Click on the distance in the compass rose [15] to toggle between Imperial (miles) and Metric (kilometre) units.

Getting Help

Pressing the "?" icon [16] displays this help page.