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Go Places is designed to be the simplest tool to use.

Integrates with Google Places to find nearby restaurants, bars, shops and lots more quickly!

You can use our handy direction finder, or launch a map to your destination.

Then easily show your friends where to meet you via message, email or Facebook!

This is a 'must have' app for tourists, business travellers and anyone that likes going out.

See what's around

Finding places using Go Places comes in handy in every day use!

How often have you been out with friends and decided to go for a coffee, or a drink but don't know what is around the area?

Go Places lists places of interest sorted by distance and helps you get there.

We integrate with Google Places to show you places grouped by categories:

  • Food: Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries etc
  • Entertainment: Bars, Nightclubs, etc
  • Interest: Tourist destinations, museums, galleries etc
  • Transport: Train, Taxi, Bus etc
  • Shopping: Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Department Stores, etc
  • Accommodation: Hotels, Apartments, Campgrounds, etc
  • Help: Doctors, Hospitals, Banks, etc

Find places

You can search all places or any given category, to find places not listed in the normal search.

Continues to work without internet

When you don't have an internet connection, Go Places helps by remembering the places you downloaded earlier.

So you can still select them and find your way there.

This is great when you are travelling overseas and have access to the internet at the hotel and hotspots only.

As a bonus, you can save your hotel in the app, and it will help you find your way back!

Maps are optional!

Maps are not used when searching so Go Places is fast!

Go Places will point you to your destination in the simplest way and tell you how far you have to go!

This means:

  • No frustrating delays waiting for maps to load
  • No wasted time looking for street signs
  • No confusion trying to figure out which way to go

If you need to though, you can ask Go Places to launch the map and show you how to get there.

Call places directly

If the place you select has a phone, Go Places lets you click to call them directly.

This is a great time saver when booking restaurants, entertainment, bars, whatever!

Visit places websites

If the place you select has a website, Go Places lets you click to view it directly.

This means no wasted time opening up browsers and doing searches to find what you need.

Never, ever get lost!

Do you ever worry about finding your way back somewhere?

What happens when you are away on holidays, business trips, camping or maybe even hiking?

You could be on a bus tour and have to return to the bus later... when all the streets look the same!

Or you may have left someone in a crowd agreeing to meet back there later - how will you get back?

Maps are useless! Most times you can't find or read street signs and when overseas you don't even speak the language!

With Go Places you can't get lost, just save your starting point and you'll be able to get back without maps! - this does not need mobile signal or the internet!

Never lose your car!

Embarrassing and frustrating and it happens to all of us!

You may have left it at a popular event, with thousands of cars across several car parks, all looking the same!

Or you left it in a busy shopping mall car park somewhere!

Go Places will get you back to your car without fuss, internet or any signal at all.

Just save the location when you park your car (hint: when you name the location you could type in the car park level too).

When you are ready to go back, select it from the list and just walk straight back to your car!

Love to go fishing?

Now you can easily store and head back to your favourite fishing spots any time.

No need to learn how to read bearings or to buy expensive boat GPS systems

Because Go Places does not need mobile coverage, internet or maps, it is perfect for fishing!

There are no roads when fishing, or mobile towers, so maps will never help you.

Simply use Go Places to save your fishing spot and you'll always be shown a bearing and range back to your hot spot!

Meeting somewhere?

Do you spend ages on the phone with your friends describing where to meet and how to get there?

Go Places lets you send place details to your friends via email or TXT.

When your friends get it and click the link, Go Places launches and shows them where to meet you!

Convinced yet?

This is a great tool that comes in very handy every day!

  • Find popular places to go easily
  • Find your way back anywhere
  • Never lose your car
  • Save your favourite fishing, camping and hiking spots
  • Meet your friends easily

Don't wait - download now!

GoPlaces app for iPhone and Android
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GoPlaces app on Google Play


  • The phone's GPS will give an accurate direction a lot faster when internet and signal are available, but it will still work without it!
  • The phone's Compass is affected by metallic structures, so moving around can help get a steady direction quicker.