Thumbln: Get Home Safely

Out late at night? How are you getting home?

Every night millions of young people around the world go out then have problems getting home safely.

Unfortunately, streets become very unsafe after dark, with increased levels of crime, violence and alcohol related incidents.

Many young people do not feel safe catching taxis or other public transport alone late at night. On the busiest nights though, Friday and Saturday nights in particular, there aren't even enough taxis or public transport to get everybody home, even if they wanted to.

This leads to many unsafe, dangerous solutions for young people:

  • Wait around taxi ranks for hours: The combination of impatience, alcohol and tiredness leads to many occurrances of violence in late night taxi ranks.
  • Give up and start walking home or trying to hail a taxi: Now we have impatient, tired and possibly drunk young people walking the streets, which is a much more dangerous scenario.
  • Call parents, relatives and friends hoping for a ride: This ends up being the only choice left. Unfortunately, because people don't know who is available, leads to a lot of texting, phone calls and voice mails, which is unsafe for those doing the driving.
  • Go with drivers under the influence: The worst possible scenario is when a young person decides to drive after drinking, or feel like they must go home with a friend who has been drinking, because they feel they have no other way to get home!


We'd like to introduce you to a much safer solution: thumbln!

With just a couple of clicks on your phone it will automatically find and send requests for help to your friends, show you their replies and once a lift is approved will show you both where to go.

And if there are no friends around to help, or you just want any way to get home, it will also automatically find and send requests to any professional services in the area (not limited to taxis - as there are not enough of these around during busy times!).

Thumbln is a free iPhone app (Android coming soon) that integrates the power of GPS and web services to automate sending requests to friends and/or commercial providers in the area to organise a lift.

How can thumbln help you?

There are many reasons why you could feel stranded out late at night without a way to get home safely.

You may have driven there, but have been drinking when you hadn't planned to.

Maybe someone was going to give you a lift, but they've left already, or much worse, they've had a drink.

Plans come unravelled for many reasons and finding a safe way home becomes hard.

Maybe you don't feel safe in taxis.

Or it's late and there are no taxis to be found.

Or maybe it is just that you would only trust your family and friends to get you home safely.

Thumbln gives you options! It finds your friends in the area and without letting them know where you are precisely (for security) can ask them if they can help you with a lift.

Thumbln will let you know who can help you let you decide who to accept a lift from (who you feel safe with).

Only after you accept will thumbln let your friend know your exact location so they can pick you up (and you theirs so you know they are on their way!).

Thumbln helps many other ways

You need a lift to work

No more ringing, texting and leaving voice mail to your family and friends.

Thumbln can send a request out to everyone you would normally ask for a lift.

As they reply thumbln will notify you, letting you know how far everyone is, so that you can decide who to ask.

And then thumbln will show you both precisely where the other is, making sure you get picked up easily and you know how long to wait.

You won't make it to pick up the kids

If it has ever happened to you, you'd know how stressful it is when something happens and you can't pick up the kids.

Avoid frantically ringing around to find someone else to pick them up.

Then avoid misunderstandings about where or when.

Thumbln can store details of all the friends and family that you'd normally use in these situations.

Then thumbln can send out a request for you, letting them know it is your kids that need picking up, the location and the time.

Automatically thumbln can alert you of any replies so that you can choose which one to accept.

At that stage thumbln will let them know precise location details and will even alert you when your friend has started driving there and how far they are.

No friends nearby? No problem!

If there are no direct friends nearby, you can optionally ask if there are 'friends of your friends' in the area, expanding your opportunities to get home.

No taxis nearby? No problem!

If you are after any way to get home at all, and can't find a taxi, you'll love this app - we don't limit responses, so you will also get offers from chauffered vehicles, mini-busses and other licensed commercial providers.

Environmentally Smart

By taking advantage of vehicles already on the road, be they friends or service providers, thumbln helps reduce traffic and thereby the impact on the environment.

Safety all the way

We feel very strongly about safety and security, which is why no precise location information is exchanged until both parties have agreed.

We also ensure the safety of any commercial providers by only allowing licensed, insured companies and drivers to use the system.

And if that is not enough we also have a two-way ratings system with comments (drivers and passengers) to ensure both parties can assess each other before starting a lift.

Finally all lifts are logged including locations, so that there is always a record of the trip if needed.

Convinced yet?

This is a great tool that comes in very handy every day!

  • Ask friends and family all at once for a lift
  • Arrange with other parents to pick up kids from school or sports
  • Get safe options quickly
  • Your privacy and security is our priority
  • Free app!

Don't wait - download now!

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